Powerful by Nature: Agfa Presents Expanded and Rebranded Inkjet Printer Portfolio, Featuring Three New Power Beasts 

Mortsel, March 19, 2024 – Agfa, a global leader in imaging and printing solutions, today unveiled its enhanced and rebranded inkjet printer portfolio. Under the baseline ‘Powerful by Nature’, the printers have been imbued with a fresh identity, now sporting names of formidable animals that reflect their unique strengths. No fewer than three new inkjet printers are making their global debut at the FESPA Global Print Expo in Amsterdam this week (March 19-22). 

A Beast for Every Need 

“We are thrilled to unveil our transformed and enhanced inkjet printer portfolio, where proven wide-format inkjet technology meets the power of three brand-new beasts,” says Arnaud Calleja, Vice-President Digital Printing Solutions at Agfa. “Our overarching ‘Powerful by Nature’ portfolio theme emphasizes that the performance of our printers stems from the way they have been designed. Whatever environment a printing company operates in, whatever its markets or applications, whether seeking high productivity, quality or versatility, there’s an Agfa printer that will deliver impressive results and give their business a boost.” 

The following new inkjet printers will be showcased at the FESPA Global Sign Expo in Amsterdam: 

Jeti Condor RTR5200 HS – Global debut 

The Jeti Condor RTR5200 is the latest addition to Agfa’s inkjet printer lineup. This roll-to-roll inkjet printer with an impressive 5.2-meter wingspan sets the standard for both speed (up to 672 m²/h) and image quality in the roll-to-roll printer market.  

The Condor handles a wide variety of flexible substrates at up to three rolls simultaneously. It is field-upgradable with light colors and features white and varnish for increased design and application options. The printer also soars high above its competitors thanks to its multiple media handling solutions for large and heavy rolls, and its extensive range of money-, labor- and floor-saving options that automate the complete printing and finishing process on the fly. 

Jeti Bronco H3300 S – Global debut 

With the hybrid Jeti Bronco H3300, Agfa adds another power horse to its assortment. Building on the proven reliability of the Tauro hard- and software, this swift 3.3 m high-end UV LED inkjet printer prints a variety of sign & display jobs in six colors plus white, with optional primer. Continuous board feeding enhances productivity efficiency even more, whereas independent dual-roll printing allows for the simultaneous printing of differently sized rolls or diverse media. 

In the first stage, the Bronco will be available with two rows of print heads. However, its horsepower is field-upgradable to a four-row version, making it an investment that will boost printing companies’ productivity and ROI and let them saddle up for future success. 

Anapurna Ciervo H3200 Global debut 

Since the introduction of the first Anapurna over 20 years ago, the family has kept evolving. The new 3.2 hybrid Ciervo approaches any printing job with great agility, ready for whatever crosses its path, and thus proves a perfect fit for printing companies that are looking for a versatile printer to tackle a wide range of print jobs.  

The Ciervo brings enhanced print quality and a much higher productivity than its predecessor – boasting an almost 70% increase in printing speed in Production Mode. The continuous board feeding capacity enables efficient printing on rigid materials, at up to four boards simultaneously. 

Beside these three new additions to its inkjet printer family, Agfa will also showcase two of its other beasts at FESPA: 

Onset Grizzly X3 HS 

The imposing Onset Grizzly X3 HS is an extremely high-speed flatbed inkjet press that combines heavy-duty operations with outstanding print quality. With a speed of up to 1450 m²/h, fast set-up and multiple automation options – including loading/unloading robots – it lets printing companies roar through workloads in a cost-efficient way and get their claws into high-volume graphics and packaging jobs.  

The Grizzly runs on Agfa’s GREENGUARD Gold-certified inks, characterized by their excellent print quality, wide color gamut and low print consumption thanks to Agfa’s patented Thin Ink Layer technology. With the newly developed white print mode, the Onset applies white ink 40% faster compared to using non-Agfa ink. 

Jeti Tauro H3300 UHS 

Agfa brings its fastest hybrid wide-format inkjet printer to FESPA. Its rugged reliability enables 24/7 print production of superior quality at up to 3.3 m wide and 905 m²/h, while its multiple automation options boost production efficiency even more.  

Capable of printing corrugated cardboard in one pass, as well as applying varnish, the Tauro H3300 is ideal for both packaging and display needs. With its versatile configurations, this sturdy beast unleashes fierce performance, allowing printing companies to charge ahead with primal force. 

Additional Workflow Power 

All printers are seamlessly driven by Agfa’s Asanti workflow software, a unique all-in-one print production hub that automates the entire print production process, saving time and money. The browser-based Production Dashboard offers insights into production time, ink and media usage, and interfaces seamlessly with MIS/ERP systems for optimized quotes and post-calculations. Asanti carries the G7® System Certification from Idealliance, confirming the ability to ensure uniform color reproduction across varied printing processes and substrates. 

In addition to Asanti, complementary tools like StoreFront (web-to-print) and PrintTune (print standardization and monitoring) are being demonstrated at FESPA. 

Beastly Prints 

A broad array of inkjet print samples are being showcased for visitors to discover and draw inspiration from. Notable highlights include eye-popping displays printed with varnish, wallpapers, self-adhesive PVC-free media, colorful door and clothes hangers, a 100-meter roll of Agfa’s Synaps synthetic paper, and diverse world maps. 

Industrial Inkjet Expertise

Agfa’s industrial inkjet experts are also available at the booth to discuss special UV- and water-based inks for dedicated industrial applications, as well as its comprehensive industrial printing solutions using water-based inks: the InterioJet (laminate décor paper printing), the Alussa (leather decoration), and the high-speed SpeedSet Orca 1060 for the packaging market, which was officially introduced to the market late last year. 

Visit Agfa’s at FESPA Amsterdam (hall 1 booth A20) to experience the unbridled power of Agfa’s latest inkjet printing solutions. 


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Agfa at FESPA 2024 - Powerful by nature.

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