Avinci CX3200 soft-signage printer

New Avinci CX3200 printer from Agfa supports printing companies’ expansion into soft signage

The new Avinci CX3200 is a dye-sublimation roll-to-roll printer that can print either directly to textile or on transfer paper. It delivers high productivity and a consistently vibrant print quality on a wide range of polyester-based fabrics.

The Avinci CX3200 engine enables sign printing companies to create textile prints of up to 3.2 m wide at a production speed of up to 270 m²/h. The engine uses eco-friendly, odorless water-based dye sublimation inks to print either directly to fabric or to transfer paper.

Being able to print directly to fabric is easy and ideally suited for fast handling of soft signage applications such as banner displays, wall graphics and point-of-sales or trade show displays, as well as for special applications requiring print-through, such as flags. Transfer paper, in turn, allows for super sharp prints, eliminates any set-off, and limits media waste to a minimum. In addition, it extends the application scope to sportswear and fashion garments, as well as home décor prints on non-coated polyester fabrics.

The Avinci CX3200 guarantees a wide and vibrant color gamut, outstanding tonal rendering and fine detail reproduction. The dedicated dye-sub inks stand out through their flexibility, and outdoor resistance. They deliver a stable jetting performance and the same first-rate quality batch after batch. An offline calendering unit effectively fixes the colors after printing.

Philip Van der Auwera, Wide-Format Marketing Manager at Agfa, states: “The market demand for soft signage keeps growing, as it is lightweight, resistant to wrinkles and folding, and easy to transport and reuse. The Avinci CX3200 will meet the needs of existing textile printing companies, as well as enable sign & display printers to diverge into textile printing and bring in new business. We designed it to be fit for high productivity and maximum uptime. It is extremely robust and reliable, as well as easy to operate.”

Reliability and convenience guarantee high productivity

The new Avinci CX3200 is a solidly built, reliable engine that can handle any job from a single print to sizeable runs in a 24/7 setup. It is equipped with Kyocera water-based print heads that will cover the printer’s entire life cycle. The strong pre-heater limits drying time and reduces set-off, while the vacuum make sure that thin transfer papers are kept perfectly wrinkle-free.

Changeover between jobs is fast and easy. Loading a new roll can be done in less than seven minutes by a single operator, thanks to the automatic media transport with pinch rollers.

Asanti warrants color consistency and low ink consumption

The Avinci CX3200 is driven by Agfa’s intuitive Asanti workflow software, which streamlines all preparation, production and finishing steps of the printing process. Its smart algorithms guarantee high print quality and color consistency, as well as low ink consumption.

In addition, Asanti features a number of options that facilitate soft signage production, such as the automated positioning of cutting marks and grommets, and the easy design of canvas extensions for the creation of flag pole pockets. It also lets printers nest and tile artwork to optimize media use.

With Asanti StoreFront, Agfa’s web-to-print software solution, soft signage printing companies can automatically manage incoming web orders or set up online stores.

Launch event – ‘Time to lift the curtain’

On June 22nd, Agfa organizes a virtual event dedicated to the new Avinci CX3200 under the heading “Time to lift the curtain”. Presentations covering market trends, as well as the new printer’s features and benefits, will be alternated with expert info about applications and advanced workflow and color management.

To sign up for the launch event, visit http://studio5d10.com/.

The Avinci CX3200 is available worldwide as of this moment. Demos (virtual or corona-proof live ones) can be booked through Agfa’s local sales organizations or product web page.

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Agfa Avinci CX3200 ground view
Agfa Avinci CX3200 top view
Agfa Avinci CX3200 front view

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