Platesetters & Processors

Complete computer-to-plate systems to image and process your offset printing plates


Avalon 8-up series

Plates up to 1165 mm x 938
Throughput speed up to 70 pph
Multiple automation options


Avalon N VLF (16- to 40-up)

Plates of up to 2280 × 1600 mm
Throughput speed up to 70 pph
Multiple automation options,
including robot plate loader



Elantrix DX computer-to-plate processor

Elantrix DX

Plates up to 1500 mm wide & 0.40mm thick
Maximum throughput of 160 cm/min
Three models, optimized for Avalon N4 & N8 CtP systems
For Thermostar P970, Energy Elite Pro & Energy Elite Eco plates

Arkana smart processor


High-quality plate processing with minimal chemistry usage
Low maintenance, requires no water for rinsing
Up to 50% less collectible waste
For Energy Elite Eco plates


More value
for your entire offset business

Save up to 50% on waste, 30% on ink, 25% on paper and 90% on water. Watch Eddy save costs thanks to our ECO³ program.

Inkjet solutions
overview brochure

Inkjet news

We have an inkjet printing solution for every need and budget. Take a look at our overview brochure. It also contains information about our workflow software and GREENGUARD Gold-certified inks.

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