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StoreFront v5.5 highlights

Version 5.5 of Asanti StoreFront will be released on 2 February 2020. It offers more options for creating attractive stores and features a new product type for designing posters, signage or cards of any size.

Below is an example of a StoreFront shop created using version 5.3 of the web-to-print platform. Both the desktop and mobile version are shown.

responsive web-to-print shop

StoreFront 5.5 lets you use responsive thumbnail images for products and categories. These images can cover the full width and height of the category or product rectangles and they look better on high-res retina displays. In addition a selection of web fonts makes it easy to give stores a distinct look. The impact of both new functions can be seen below. The same store now looks more contemporary.

StoreFront v5.5 on mobile and desktop system

The new StoreFront release contains an updated version of the Online Editor, the tool that allows print buyers to customize print online. This new version has completely rewritten engines for generating barcodes and creating print-ready PDF files. This allowed us to extend the variable data processing option. With the new Online Editor, admins can also copy data from one product to another or keep variables when importing a new InDesign layout. This saves time when working with complex documents.

Copy data in Chili Publish documents

The updated Online Editor makes it easier to offer print buyers more choices for creating single page layouts that they can personalize online. Shoppers can select the document size themselves and then pick the right order quantity and substrate. The Online Editor will then show a blank canvas on which the shopper can start adding text and images. This is handy for promotional posters, signage, cards, and flyers.

Create and customize print documents online

StoreFront stores the data of all orders so that print buyers can reorder products without retyping data or having to upload files a second time. With this new release, StoreFront accounts get up to four times more storage space, depending on the license used. This allows print service providers to extend their web-to-print service without any additional cost or work involved.

This new StoreFront version also offers more refined controls over product pricing, a simplified upload wizard for novice users and handy enhancements for working with multi-lingual or multi-version documents. An in-depth overview of all the changes and new functions is available in the StoreFront 5. 5 Release Notes.

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