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Agfa has all the knowledge and experience needed to integrate printing into any given manufacturing process – whatever products are manufactured, whichever materials are being used. Our high-performance inkjet inks and fluids can add functional printing or a decorative finish for various industrial inkjet printing applications, either in-line or in-house. The main advantages: flexibility and cost-efficiency.

Print on anything

Inkjet-based technology can be used to print almost any content onto almost any substrate. Examples range from simple text and images such as company logos, QR codes or plain product information, to more complicated applications including the deposit of a decorative finish or texture. In terms of substrates, think of printing functional or decorative patterns on glass, wood, appliances, car interiors, textiles or any other objects that are part of our daily life. Printing can happen either in-line (integrated in the production process) or in-house (offline, in a step following the production process).

Inprint House
Be flexible and cost-effective

Integrating print into a manufacturing process will make it more cost-effective. After all, this means you don’t depend on third-party suppliers anymore, who might have long lead times or ask you to put in large orders leading to more stock than you need or more waste than you would want. With an integrated solution, you no longer depend on others because everything can be printed in-house in the volumes, colors and variations you want… when you want it. That means saving time and costs.

Achieve control and consistency

Our workflow and color management solutions give you perfect control over the entire process of pre-flighting and variable data printing, with consistent colors throughout across all units in all manufacturing sites. They simplify calibration, quality control, color profiling and repurposing of color data, thus ensuring that every participant in the production cycle has the same perception of the same color wherever they are and that color is printed following the original design.

Achieve control and consistency

Agfa inks – Always spot on

Excellent prints begin with the best possible ink solutions. Leveraging years of experience and chemical knowledge, we design and develop unique high-performance UV inks for a wide range of applications with the lowest consumption on the market. Find out just how we do this.

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