The Eye of the Master

How it’s made – A peek inside our wide-format inkjet printer manufacturing site

Just like a painter combines his paints, brushes and canvases to create the perfect painting, Agfa carefully matches inks, printing engines and media to build best-in-class large-format inkjet printing systems that bring extreme quality and productivity to your sign & display print jobs.

To see just how we do this, take a peek inside our printing engine manufacturing site in Canada.

All great artists master every step of the creative process. Great paintings start with the right choice and treatment of pigments.

We at Agfa take our job to heart from beginning to end. Starting with pigments, through research, development and testing, we totally master the production of our palette of inks. With the eye of an artist.

We build our UV LED inkjet printers with precision and technical excellence, continuously improving and finding better solutions.

Just like the old masters, we’re focused on every detail. Only the best is good enough. It starts with the print heads, which are carefully selected and thoroughly tested for superb quality.

They’re built into a printer where every interaction between ink, media and the machine itself, is tried and tested – all to get that perfect match.

The design and engineering of our printers is done in-house and we construct these pedigree work horses ourselves. Not only for the joy of building the best, but because this is our way of uniting all of our expertise and knowledge on one canvas.

This makes a stunning, powerful composition – all done to give our clients the best quality and maximum productivity.

Just as the painter prepares his canvas, we master the art of different media to the fullest extent. Knowing the interaction of print-heads, inks and substrates, we offer a portfolio of excellent print media.

But your wide-format production still needs a beating heart: software to power all your ideas. We offer workflow software to manage end-to-end quality dedicated to sign & display printers. It’s a workflow solution for streamlining processes, optimizing production and maintaining consistency. Meaning more automation and more productivity for you. 

We not only master the different steps, our real power lies in our ability to totally integrate all these components.

We’re constantly researching the best inks, the smartest machines, the best adapted media and the most versatile software.

Our matched component approach guarantees optimum quality and consistency. Making your professional life easier and more productive.

Agfa’s mastering of the complexity of the whole system makes you a winner. Not only in quality but also in cost/price ratio.

We actively help our sign & display customers develop new businesses. And we give them global support and service – 24/7.

Ask us anything and we’ll go all the way!

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