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What’s new in StoreFront 6.0.5

Version 6.0.5 of Asanti StoreFront was released on April 23rd, 2023. These are the main new features and improvements:

Stock update API for Ongoing WMS

A new API in StoreFront synchronizes the stock counters of stock products with Ongoing WMS, a Swedish software-as-a-service warehouse management solution. The integration ensures that StoreFront stock counters are continuously updated, even if other order processes or systems are used to order the same products in parallel. More information on Ongoing WMS can be found on the Ongoing website. Contact your local StoreFront specialist or dealer if you’re interested in integrating this or other warehouse solutions.

Refinements for fixed delivery addresses

For fixed delivery addresses, additional fields are now available: company name, tax number, first and last Name, e-mail address and phone number. These fields already existed for regular delivery addresses. They were added to fixed addresses for consistency reasons.

  • When these new fields are used, they are shown during check-out and in the Order Details overview.
  • The values are also made available in the Order Export Excel file, using these columns: 53:Company Name, 61:Tax number/VAT (new), 10:First Name, 11:Last Name, 52:Shipment E-Mail, 19:Phone and 60:Delivery Address Name (new).
  • The company name and first and last name are also listed on invoices.
  • Additional finetuning will be done based on user feedback.

Limit system notifications

In the Storecenter Advanced > Production Settings > Production Center tab, an option has been added to hide system notifications for company administrators.


  • StoreFront no longer adds a blank page when printing the package slip.
  • The 6.0.5 update also includes operating system updates and security fixes.

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