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End of life and support policy of Agfa software solutions

This page summarizes the overall support policy for Agfa’s main software solutions for the printing industry.

Users running the current release

Users using the latest release can rely on Agfa service and support in case of issues or questions. The Agfa HQ team is fully committed to supporting these users and will do its utmost to solve any issue based on wrong or incomplete software coding. Please note that no guarantee can be given that an issue will be solved. In certain cases, a fix might be too complex and will be postponed to a later (major) release.

Users running the previous release

When operating the previous release, users can reach out to their local service organization for support. Bug fixing, however, will only be done in exceptional cases since the effort to develop a fix is high and significantly impacts Agfa’s R&D operations.

Users running software which is current release minus 2

When customers use the release before the previous release (i.e. current release minus 2), they can reach out to the local service organization for support. Bug fixing, however, will no longer be done. Delivering updates to overcome security breaches is also not done.

Users running an old release

Customers running old releases (i.e. current release minus 3 or older) will no longer be supported. Before providing support, the customer must first migrate to a subscription license or upgrade to the latest release.

Current release v6.x
Previous release v5.x
Current release minus 2 v4.x
Old release v4 or older

Providing service and upgrades

Depending on the situation and the request, the supplied services are chargeable. To avoid unexpected costs, Agfa advises its users to enroll in a service contract or migrate to subscription, including a service contract!

When an issue occurs in one of the previous releases, users will be advised to migrate to a subscription license or upgrade. Upgrading or migrating to a subscription license is a chargeable change. It can never be provided free of charge, even in case of software issues present in the user’s current software solution.

For more information, please contact your local sales or service representative.