High-end Security Design Applications

Whether you design or produce high security documents such as passports, identity documents, driver’s licenses, tax stamps, vouchers or security documents, you always have one common goal: stay ahead of the counterfeiter.

design ID cards or licenses

High Security Cards

When dealing with national IDs, driver’s licenses, residence cards and other secure IDs, security is a primary concern to governments around the world. ID fraud is now commonplace. It takes a good security design in identity documents to prevent the counterfeiter taking over someone else’s identity. As the authenticity of identification cards is fundamental, the process begins with designing the card in consideration of its function and conditions of use. Fortuna security software is designed to make the counterfeiter’s life as difficult as possible.


passport design software


A passport is the holder’s most personalized and most valuable identification document. At the same time it reflects the identity and culture of the issuing country. It is indispensable to allow and regulate worldwide travel of the individual.  Passport fraud is commonplace, hence it demands a good quality security design to make it forgery-proof.

tax stamp creation

Tax Stamps

Excise stamps do not only serve as proof of duty payment but should also enable authentication by different levels of users and can serve as a carrier for the data that enable supply chain security. Next to coding technologies, and the combination of different security features, design is critical to the function of Tax Stamps. Fortuna security software offers different modules to create specific, original designs.

diplomas, certificates, ballots,...


Every contemporary society functions more efficiently with appropriate documents, including birth certificates, diplomas, registration document, ballots… Institutions, governments and individuals highly benefit from specific security modules generated by Fortuna’s design and assembly software. Protecting these documents with dedicated design elements is the answer to prevent criminals from counterfeiting them.

ticket design to prevent fake documents

Lottery tickets, vouchers,…

Under the common denominator of tickets, a broad range of widely different products can be securely designed with Fortuna. In order to prevent tampering with the tickets or vouchers issued, several modules can be used within the design, enabling an easy detection of attempts of forgery.

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