Five reasons to choose Agfa’s UV (LED)-curable inks

Leveraging years of experience and chemical knowledge, we design, develop and manufacture high-performance UV (LED) inks for a wide range of applications. Five reasons why they are the best:

1. Lowest ink consumption on the market

Agfa UV (LED) inks are formulated to deliver a wide color gamut with the lowest ink consumption on the market.
In addition to being both economical and eco-friendly, this results in a considerable advantage in terms of the cured ink layer’s physical properties, e.g. adhesion, flexibility and scratch resistance.

Lowest Ink Consumption
2. Consistent from batch to batch

Our UV (LED) inks boast outstanding, stable jetting performance–including controlled ink drop formation, great ink latency and long-term jetting reliability.

Perfectly tuned to applications, piezo print-heads and print system requirements, Agfa UV (LED) inks deliver identical results over and over again.

Consistent from Batch to Batch
3. Longest shelf life

Thanks to their composition and pigment dispersion qualities, Agfa UV (LED) inks are number one when it comes to longevity. When stored under normal conditions, ink can be conserved for up to 24 months, depending on the ink set.

Longest Shelf Life
4. Unique ink technology

Agfa UV (LED) inks are designed using highly innovative ink concepts. Our Pigment Shield Technology, for example, is a patented pigment dispersion technology specifically for UV (LED) inks. It guarantees high color strength and ink stability, which also contributes to the ink’s long shelf life. Thanks to our technological know-how, our ink formulations are optimized for lowest ink consumption for every industrial piezo print head. We offer full ink sets, which may comprise high-performing white ink and/or varnish.

Unique Ink Technology
5. 100% customer-oriented

Whether we are researching, developing, producing or testing our ink formulations, we always prioritize our customers and their needs. Tuned to specific and functional application requirements, Agfa UV (LED) inks offer tailor-made solutions.

Developing inks is in our DNA

With nearly 150 years of experience in applying functional liquids to various substrates, we can proudly state that no other company can claim our level of expertise in ink development. It is truly part of our DNA.

In-house expertise

Agfa UV (LED) inks are developed, tested and manufactured in-house by professional teams that use only the latest technologies. We don’t just invest in state-of-the-art equipment, tools and processes to develop and produce our high-performance ink solutions. We also recognize the importance of highly skilled people who are experts in pigment dispersion, ink ting, jetting, curing, production and more.

Agfa inks – Always spot on

Excellent prints begin with the best possible ink solutions. Leveraging years of experience and chemical knowledge, we design and develop unique high-performance UV inks for a wide range of applications with the lowest consumption on the market. Find out just how we do this.

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