Asanti how-to videos for sign&display applications

Asanti is a powerful workflow solution for the large-format printing industry. It supports Agfa wide-format printers as well as a wide range of third-party printers. This makes it the perfect production hub to manage all your print data and devices. Below are videos highlighting many of Asanti’s advanced features.


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Banner and canvas extensions

Asanti offers different ways of adding bleed to an image that lacks it. You can also add various marks to artwork. This includes the option to indicate where grommets or eyelets need to be inserted on large banners, truck covers, etc.

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TrueShape Nesting

This function optimized the retention and positioning of irregular shapes, based on the embedded cut path and copy count. It reduces media waste and minimizes print time.

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Tiling & montage instructions

Asanti’s powerful tiling editor allows you to split large prints into multiple parts, with options to change the order, size, overlap, and build sequence of tiles. The workflow can add tile marks to each print and generate a sheet with montage instructions for installers.

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Spot color handling

Asanti offers various ways to handle spot colors, using its built-in color management system to achieve the best match on any substrate.

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Spot colors & cutting paths

Sometimes the cutting path of a box, display, or other complex shape is defined using a path colored using a spot color. In Asanti, it is easy to pick up that information and even automate the process if your customer always uses the same naming convention.

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Missing cutting paths

If artwork does not contain a cutting path but you still need to cut along a contour, Asanti can help with that too.

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5 layer printing

How to print two images on top of each other on a clear substrate using a fifth white layer in between the two pictures.

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Using HotTickets

Automatically process files by simply moving them to an Asanti folder. Asanti picks up the files, preflights and renders them without any operator intervention.

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Tiling HotTickets and presets

Watch the HotTickets video first, before viewing this example on how Asanti offers even more automation options.

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Production Dashboard

The Production Dashboard is a browser-based tool to inspect the ink consumption, media consumption and printing time of Asanti jobs.

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