Computer-to-Plate, Processors & Clean-out Units

Image, process or clean out your offset printing plates


Avalon CtP engine 4up

Avalon 4-up series

Plates up to 830 x 660 mm
Maximum throughput of 21 pph
Multiple automation options

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Avalon 8-up series

Plates up to 1165 mm x 938
Throughput speed up to 70 pph
Multiple automation options

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Avalon N VLF (16- to 40-up)

Plates of up to 2280 x 1600 mm
Throughput speed up to 70 pph
Multiple automation options,
including plate loading robot

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Processors & clean-out units

Suited for the following printing plates
Adamas COU Adamas
Arkana Energy Elite Eco
Azura CX COU Azura TU, Azura TS
Azura C COU Azura TS
Elantrix DX P970, Energy Elite, Energy Elite Pro, Energy Elite Eco, Amigo TS


Scantech CtP investment

“We have been a customer of Agfa for 27 years.”
It has never let us down and it continues to remain at the forefront of innovation within the industry, something that it should be very proud of. Read more

Craig Stephens, CEO

Plate loading robot

Plate loading automation
using robotics

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Inkjet solutions
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We have an inkjet printing solution for every need and budget. Take a look at our overview brochure. It also contains information about our workflow software and GREENGUARD Gold-certified inks.

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