ECO3 now supplies the prepress solutions for commercial, newspaper and packaging printers that were previously offered
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Prepress and printing systems that make your commercial offset printing operation
more economical, ecological and extra convenient

Offset printing plates

Offset Printing Plates

  • Digital or analog, violet or thermal
  • Process-free, chemistry-free, low-chem or conventional
  • Aluminum- or polyester-based
  • Run lengths up to 1.5 mio copies
Ctp and processors and clean-out units

Computer-to-plate Systems

  • Thermal platesetters
  • Processors and clean-out units for offset printing plates
  • From entry-level to high-volume, heavy-duty requirements
workflow software solutions

Software Solutions

  • Workflow automation & web-to-print
  • Color management & ink saving
  • Impositioning & screening
  • Press standardization
  • Security design & authentication
pressroom products

Pressroom Supplies

  • Fountain solutions
  • Gums & finishers
  • Plate care products
  • Rollers & blanket washes
  • Correction materials & cleaners


  • Contact, camera and recording films
  • Developers & fixers
  • Replenishers
  • Cleaning solutions
proofing media

Proofing Solutions

  • Media for contract or imposition proofs
  • Printers, inks & photospectrometers
  • Services related to proofing and color management
service and support


  • Service contracts & hotline support
  • Educational programs
  • Consultancy
  • Cloud & subscription services
Izabela Jasińska, Director db Print Polska

“With PressTune and InkTune, we save 30 to 50 sheets during make-ready, and around 15% of ink. PressTune enables us to comply with the Process Standard Offset regulations, and to analyze and control the consistency and quality of our print jobs.” Read more

Izabela Jasiñska,
db Print Polska

Eclipse printing plate

Eclipse, the most convenient
process-free printing plate

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