The Robotic Plate Loader increases productivity at Laursen Grafisk

Laursen Grafisk is a family-owned printing company based in Denmark, with a focus on packaging and large format printing. In 2022 they decided to invest in a robotic plate loader from Agfa. This decision was driven by a desire to optimize and increase efficiency, as well as add more flexibility to the company’s daily operations.

The plate loader has proven to be an excellent investment, as it has helped to unload some of the manual tasks related to producing printing plates and has allowed the company to run its four presses around the clock with just one shift.


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The installation process for the robotic plate loader was smooth and efficient, with professional and helpful staff from Agfa on hand to guide the process. Laursen Grafisk did not have to interrupt production during the installation, as the old system was still running. Since its installation, the plate loader has been working smoothly and efficiently, with no downtime on the new system.

The efficiency and reliability of the plate loader has been very high, and it has allowed Laursen Grafisk to increase its production capabilities significantly. The company is now able to produce up to 37 plates per hour, which means it can produce plates for all four of its printing machines throughout the day with just one shift.

The robotic plate loader is used in conjunction with an Avalon N16-90 CtP system and Arkana smart processor, Energy Elite Eco plates and an Apogee Prepress workflow system.

The increased production capacity has allowed the company to be more competitive and efficient, and has helped it to stay ahead of the curve in an industry that is constantly evolving.

Robot plate loader installation

One of the key benefits of the plate loader is its ability to add flexibility to the company’s operations. With the plate loader, Laursen Grafisk can now easily handle large printing jobs that require a high volume of plates. The company can simply start the plate loader in the evening, and by the next morning, all the plates are ready for printing. This added flexibility has helped the company to meet the demands of its customers more effectively and efficiently.

Overall, Laursen Grafisk has been extremely satisfied with the installation of the robotic plate loader from Agfa. The company has found that the plate loader has helped it to increase efficiency, add flexibility to its operations, and stay ahead of the curve in an industry that is constantly evolving. Laursen Grafisk would definitely recommend this type of solution to other customers and has been extremely impressed with the professional and reliable service provided by Agfa.


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