Unique father-daughter-owned business makes smart business moves with Tauro H3300

Expanding Revo’s creativity and productivity with Agfa‘s Tauro H3300

Revo has been doing the impossible for its clients for 50 years. It was seemingly operating under the radar as Groupe DPI when owner Pierre Pepin set sights on making the newly branded Revo known across North America as the company that makes clients’ dreams come true. Rêve means dream in French, and his daughter Érika Pepin plays a big part in this vision.

Founded in Drummondville, Quebec, Revo initially specialized in silkscreen printing. Pepin expanded the company by leveraging strategic acquisitions, made organizational refinements, and built a new state-of-the-art plant. Today, Revo serves industrial, retail, transportation, spirits, commercial, education, and government market segments.

The father-daughter team recognized a need to optimize print production and set sights on the Tauro H3300 HS UV inkjet wide format system from Agfa.

Not only are we growing our capabilities but also sending a message to the industry that our Tauro’s firepower will turn around any project for any market segment the next day.
Pierre Pepin, President, Revo

Beyond the realms of possibility

“Not only are we growing our capabilities but also sending a message to the industry that our Tauro’s firepower will turn around any project for any market segment the next day,” states Pierre Pepin, president of Revo. “A U.S. client once said I was the miracle guy since Revo could deliver a project when it seemed impossible, too big, or too complicated. We do whatever it takes to exceed our client’s expectations.”

Revo’s boundlessly ambitious team attracts high-end clients who demand dazzling colors, perfect flesh tones, and fine details. The Tauro H3300 HS hybrid printer with Primer and Varnish produces stunning images at 635 x 1200 dpi with meticulous execution of shadow, highlights, and razor-sharp text in as tiny as 4-point type as used in industrial applications. It offers “offset-like” prints in six colors with smooth ramp-ups over the tonal range for outstanding skin color rendering, ideal for cosmetic and retail demands.

A heavy-duty, ruggedly built workhorse, Tauro H3300 HS easily handles extreme workloads, multiple-shift operations, and 24/7 printing up to 680 m2/hr (7319 ft2/hr) and 3.3 m wide on rigid or flexible media.

According to Érika Pepin, who handles business development, the Revo culture is fast-paced, and the team is resourceful, adaptable, and accomplished in urgently doing what it takes to get the job done. The addition of the Tauro will expand Revo’s creativity and productivity. “Our goal is to see our client’s vision and bring that to life, no matter the circumstances. This work ethic is in our Revo DNA: we go the extra mile. We go above and beyond to satisfy our clients.”

Streamlined automation

The Tauro H3300 HS can customize projects that require variable printing. For example, images, cities, names, and logos can easily be changed in a single print run without stopping production. Agfa’s Asanti workflow software automates the entire printing process, preparing files, grouping jobs, and loading calibrated print modes (CPMs) for optimal image quality and color consistency.

The Pepins chose the Tauro H3300’s primer option to achieve outstanding adhesion on difficult media. “We work with many different substrates, and the primer was a ‘no-brainer’ for us,” adds Pierre Pepin. “We use some materials, like melamine or Lexan, that are difficult, and the primer aids in adhesion. Especially with die-cutting or folding, it’s important that the ink sticks to the substrate. The primer also offers weather resistance.” The Tauro’s primer can be applied on the entire surface area or as a ‘mask’ for printed areas only.

Specially formulated, high-pigmented GREENGUARD Gold-certified Anuvia UV LED inks present vibrant colors and exceptional color strength. Agfa’s patented ‘Thin Ink Layer’ technology offers the lowest ink consumption per square meter on the market.

Father-daughter-owned businesses are rare in the visual communications industry, but the Pepin team knows how to adapt, invest in the future, and keep employees challenged. Revo is capitalizing on the capabilities of the Tauro H3300 to gain market share and deliver on clients’ dreams.

Even at top speed, the Tauro satisfies our high-end clients who demand vibrant colors, fine details, and supreme quality.
Pierre Pepin, President, Revo

The capabilities of Agfa’s Tauro H3300 are helping Revo gain market share and deliver on client’s dreams.

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