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Printwerk installs Jeti Tauro H3300 S LED wide-format printing system

For more than 32 years, printwerk has been offering consulting and project planning services, as well as printing, construction and assembly. It thus combines multiple trades under one roof. Printwerk started as a craft business in the areas of advertising and screen printing, yet gradually grew, leading to the expansion of ist production area to 2500 square meters with a new building in Erlangen in 2003. Today, the company utilizes various printing techniques and processes such as UV, solvent, dye, and sublimation in its production. The printwerk team is also responsible for the finishing and assembly of the final products.

Selecting and testing the new printing solution

The view into the production process reveals a diverse range of machinery that reflects and meets the various requirements of different customers. The company values reliability and corresponding capacity. When the decision was made to invest in a new UV printing solution, it quickly became apparent that a smaller printing system should be replaced while the existing board printing solution should remain in place. Taking into account the potential workload for the replacement investment, an Anapurna hybrid printing system with maximum flexibility and a manageable investment sum from Agfa was chosen as the solution. On the occasion of the 6th Agfa Experience Day, Managing Director Marlene Dinkel and print operator Sven Tkotz took the opportunity to take a look at Agfa’s entire product portfolio at the demo center in Belgium.

Left and right: Marlene Dinkel and Sven Tkotz, printwork, at the Agfa Experience Day in Belgium (Source: World of Print 5/ 2022, p. 32)

The print operator quickly realized that the Anapurna, as an all-rounder, would not be able to handle the volume of orders in the long term. Together with Agfa’s German Key Account Manager Torsten Schmalbruch, they decided to opt for the Jeti Tauro H3300 S LED, which is also a hybrid printing system. Detailed tests were conducted at the Agfa demo center in Mortsel, where not only the materials were tested in terms of handling and application, but the printing system was also thoroughly examined.

Our team appreciates the benefits of the new printing system as the printing results are excellent with low ink consumption thanks to Agfa's Think Ink Layer technology.

Preparing for a more productive future

After the decision to purchase the printer was made, it became evident that the printwerk premises needed to be renovated and modified. This project was carefully planned so that everything was ready and prepared when the Jeti Tauro H3300 S LED was delivered and installed. “The renovation measures caused us a lot of headaches in advance, but the final implementation fit perfectly and was absolutely successful,” says Marlene Dinkel.

“Thanks to the diversity of our machinery and our many years of experience, we have a wide range of products that we can offer our customers. Feasibility and customer advice are always our top priorities. Together, we always find a solution,” explains Marlene Dinkel, Managing Director. “This trust is also important to us with our business partners. With the Jeti Tauro, we have a reliable printing system and a team that actively supports us with in the case of questions, difficulties, or uncertainties.”

Currently, not all orders are being run on the Jeti Tauro H3300 S LED. “Our team appreciates the benefits of the new printing system as the printing results are excellent with low ink consumption thanks to Agfa’s Think Ink Layer technology. At the same time, a new system always requires a corresponding start-up time,” explains Marlene Dinkel. “We are glad that we can take this time, as we did not dismantle the backup after installation and can continue to use it.” With the Jeti Tauro H3300S LED, printwerk has acquired a modular printing system that can be upgraded and adapted to changing requirements in the future.

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