Agfa Tauro inkjet printer enhances quality & productivity at Nehia

2023-12-05T10:23:01+01:00Customer Case|

Discover Nehia's strategic shift leveraging the Tauro H3300 inkjet printer. This advanced technology revolutionizes their production, elevating quality and speed. With enhanced precision, Nehia aims for national chains and varied clientele, securing a substantial competitive advantage and initiating a significant transformation in visual communication

Godin Productions expands manufacturing with Tauro H3300 UHS

2023-11-28T13:48:08+01:00Customer Case, Press Release|

Godin Productions is the first marketing solutions provider in Canada to install the Tauro H3300 UHS with a fully automated unloading system. By investing in the highly productive, hybrid large-format inkjet printer, Godin extends its manufacturing capabilities in response to client demand.

Visual Promo advances and strengthens print production with Agfa’s Tauro H3300 UHS LED inkjet printer

2023-11-23T17:31:40+01:00Customer Case, News|

Visual Promocional celebrates a year with Agfa's Tauro H3300 UHS inkjet printer, witnessing enhanced production speed, quality, and streamlined workflows. Reduced costs and increased competitiveness endorse future investments in Agfa's cutting-edge printing technology.

Tauro wide-format hybrid inkjet printers and Anuvia inks obtain 3M Performance Guarantee

2023-10-19T15:21:18+02:00News, Press Release|

Agfa's Tauro wide-format hybrid inkjet printer and Anuvia inks have earned the prestigious 3M Performance Guarantee, underscoring their exceptional quality and reliability. Under rigorous testing, including mechanical and physical assessments on 3M media, the Tauro series and Anuvia ink set have proven their performance and adherence to the highest quality standards.

Mira inkjet printer expands productivity and print application scope of Print Servicios Digitales

2023-10-18T17:09:20+02:00Customer Case, News|

Explore the inspiring narrative of Mexican printing company Print Servicios Digitales, their dedication to delivering top-notch services, and how Agfa's Mira flatbed inkjet printer played a pivotal role in their transformation.

Agfa to showcase inkjet printing advances with a focus on automation and efficiency at PRINTING United Expo

2023-09-21T14:12:09+02:00News, Press Release|

Agfa will showcase its latest inkjet printing solutions at PRINTING United Expo (Atlanta, GA, 18-20 October), including the high-speed Onset X3 HS with robotic automation debuting Agfa’s new Onset 560 white ink, and the efficiency-increasing Flex Roll-to-Roll system on the Jeti Tauro H3300 UHS LED.

Agfa clinches four Pinnacle Product Awards recognizing innovation and excellence in inkjet printing solutions

2023-08-30T09:48:53+02:00Press Release|

Agfa announced that it earned four prestigious Pinnacle Product Awards, presented by PRINTING United Alliance. The awards celebrate outstanding products that drive advancements in quality, capability, and productivity within the printing industry.