Studio 5D10

We would have met at Printing United or at FESPA, booth 5D10… Welcome to Studio 5D10 instead.
All trade events may have been postponed, but our commitment to the printing industry stands strong. Meet our experts in Studio 5D10 for a series of broadcasts and discover how you can benefit from the latest versatile, cost-efficient innovations in the field of inkjet printing – for sign & display as well as industrial printing applications.

A wide assortment of large-format printing solutions
Our inkjet printing solutions are designed to respond quickly to the highest demands without sacrificing on quality. Agfa combines photorealistic print quality, unparalleled versatility and outstanding productivity at a price point that is the best in the industry. Discover our full assortment here.

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Inkjet ink

Ink is in our DNA
With over 150 years of experience in applying functional liquids to various substrates, we can proudly state that no other company can claim our level of expertise in ink development. Agfa inks are developed, tested, and manufactured in-house by professional teams using only the latest technologies. They are experts in pigment dispersion, ink wetting, jetting, drying, production and more. Find out more here and here.

Why our customers love us

“Nothing beats a Jeti Tauro in terms of profitability, thanks to its extremely low ink consumption
and the combination with the Asanti workflow. We can highly recommend it.”

Andreas Förster, Production Manager Kroschke sign-international (Germany)

Why our customers love us

“I am extremely satisfied with Agfa’s service. It is fast, and above all, there is a direct
and personal contact that you don’t have with other companies.”

Alessandro Giorgino, Production Director Screen System (Italy)

Why our customers love us

“The Asanti workflow was crucial in our decision for Agfa”

René Jantzen, CEO Uniplate (Denmark)


Why our customers love us

“I was struck by the low ink consumption of the Jeti Tauro, which is a great benefit compared to
its competitors.Another engine might be cheaper, but if it uses up to four times the amount of ink,
then an Agfa printer provides you with the best total cost of ownership.”

Franky De Meyer, CEO Publi-FDM (Belgium)

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Practical details
There are sessions at 10 am and 4 pm CET.
All broadcasts will last about 60 minutes, including the question and answer sessions.
Register to attend and/or to get a download link if you cannot attend but are interested in a broadcast.

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