Introducing Eclipse

The most convenient process-free printing plate
Just as easy to use as a conventional plate

Keeps your presses clean

Thanks to Eclipse’s patented process-free technology, the coating of the plate gets transferred to the first few printed sheets, instead of to the fountain, ink or rollers.

Cleaner rollers, ink, and fountain

Superior and stable image contrast

Eclipse enables quick visual image inspection as well as recognition by a punch & bending system. This avoids mix-ups on press or costly plate remakes.

Image contrast comparisonimage contrast on plate

24 hours office-light stability

Eclipse keeps its great contrast even after 24 hours in office light. That means you don’t need to store your plates in dark conditions, which is inconvenient and time-consuming.

Comparison after 24 hours in office lightplate contrast over time

Excellent scratch resistance

You can handle Eclipse plate without having to worry about damaging them. Better scratch resistance means less plates need to be remade, less press downtime and less time is wasted.

Scratch resistance comparisonscratch resistence

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“With Eclipse, we start up 40% faster. Combined with ANTURA fount, we waste 15% less paper while saving 25% on press cleaning. The plate has a good and stable contrast. There are absolutely no mix-ups on press. Its scratch resistance is great too, and we see no fingerprints on the plate.” Read more

Thomas Thomsen, company owner
Kandrup, Denmark

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“Eclipse helps us reduce print production costs. There is no processor to maintain, chemistry to store, or water or waste to dispose; and I pick up valuable floor space. Eclipse's image contrast is better than that of other process-free plates we’ve tried. We’re happy with our move to Eclipse. It is the right decision for our business needs.”

Jo DeLio, Print Production Manager
Mankato Packaging - USA

How Eclipse works


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Part of ECO³


Eclipse is part of Agfa’s ECO³ approach of sustainable innovation, which encompasses hardware, software and consumables that make prepress and printing operations cleaner, more cost-effective and easier to operate and maintain.