• New directors appointed
  • Gross dividend: 50 Eurocent per share

The Annual Meeting of Shareholders has agreed to pay a gross dividend per share of 50 Eurocent. The share will be quoted ex-coupon as of April 30, 2003.
Agfa-Gevaert announced that there are 133.268.593 outstanding shares on the date of the Annual Meeting, which means that 5.963.007 shares were bought back since the beginning of the year.

The Annual Meeting furthermore approved the appointment of four new Directors: John Buttrick and Monte Haymon as independent directors, Christian Leysen, as a representative of the Gevaert group, and Marc Gedopt, who succeeds CFAO André Bergen . Because of reasons of incompatibility with his new function as CEO of KBC Bank, the latter will resign from the Board of Directors as of May 1, 2003.

During the meeting, Ludo Verhoeven, CEO and President of the Board of Management of Agfa-Gevaert, briefly commented the development of the activities since the beginning of the year: “Already in 2002, the worldwide economic situation weakened considerably. The first months of 2003 give the impression that the current year will be even more difficult, particularly in the consumer markets. Nobody knows if the end of the war in Iraq will be followed by a quick economic revival, nor to what extent SARS will have a lasting effect on the economic growth, especially in the Far East.
Although the Horizon plan will again realise savings of about 250 million Euros in 2003, the many economic uncertainties make it impossible to give concrete sales and profit expectations for 2003.”

Agfa-Gevaert’s first quarter results will be announced on May 8, 2003, before opening time of the stock exchange.

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