Agfa's new membrane technology enables the most efficient, safe and sustainable production of green hydrogen

Agfa is proud to announce it received the essenscia Innovation Award 2022 for its groundbreaking Zirfon UTP 220 membrane technology for the most efficient, safe and sustainable production of green hydrogen. The prestigious award was presented by HRH Princess Astrid at the Square Convention Centre in Brussels yesterday evening.

Pascal Juéry, CEO Agfa-Gevaert said, “We are committed to contribute to the energy transition journey and the decarbonization of industrial and transport activities through our Zirfon green hydrogen membranes. Our breakthrough membrane technology was developed in-house at our Belgian site. It is based on our expertise in casting technology, dispersion methods and chemistry. Customers worldwide appreciate our separation membranes for their unparalleled productivity and extreme reliability. With them, they are able to produce four times more hydrogen than with a conventional membrane. The leading Fraunhofer Institute also independently confirmed that Agfa’s Zirfon membranes are the most cost-effective technology for hydrogen production via alkaline electrolysis. Our membranes have been selected for large scale hydrogen projects by the leading players in the Green Hydrogen industry.”

About Zirfon

Green hydrogen is produced through water electrolysis, a process that uses green electrical energy to convert water into oxygen and hydrogen. These gases are separated by a membrane at the heart of the electrolysis that largely determines the efficiency and reliability of the hydrogen production system.

Zirfon membranes for advanced alkaline electrolysis are appreciated by customers around the world for their persistently high productivity, even under dynamic operating conditions. Another advantage is their excellent durability, which benefits both the reliability and maintenance costs of the electrolytic system. Learn more at

About Agfa

The Agfa-Gevaert Group is a leading company in imaging technology and IT systems with over 150 years of experience. The Group consists of four divisions: Radiology Solutions, HealthCare IT, Digital Print & Chemicals and Offset Solutions. They develop, manufacture and market analog and digital systems for the healthcare sector, for specific industrial applications and for the printing industry.

Agfa is a member of the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance and of Hydrogen Europe, which represents European industry, national associations and research centers active in the hydrogen and fuel cell sector.


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