Within the Executive Management the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is responsible for the implementation of the company’s policy and strategy laid down by the Board of Directors. Consequently, he is given the most extensive powers regarding the day-to-day management. In order to enable the Board of Directors to exercise its control, the CEO regularly reports about his activities and about the development of the subsidiaries and associated companies. The CEO is assisted by the Executive Committee for the accomplishment of his tasks.

Pascal Juéry, Permanent representative of PJY Management BV – President and Chief Executive Officer of Agfa-Gevaert, President Digital Print & Chemicals and Radiology Solutions
Luc Delagaye, President Offset Solutions
Dirk De Man, Chief Financial Officer
Luc Thijs, President Agfa HealthCare

Pascal Juéry

Pascal Juéry (°1965 – French) is a graduate from ESCP Business School. He provides more than 30 years of experience in the chemical and advanced material industries. Pascal Juéry started his career in finance and soon demonstrated his ability to lead various global businesses as well as hold key functional responsibilities. For the past 10 years, he was a member of the Executive Committee of Rhodia and then Solvay, where he took an active part in the group portfolio and business transformation. He was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Agfa-Gevaert as of February 1, 2020. Since July 2020, he is leading the Digital Print & Chemicals and Radiology Solutions division.

Luc Delagaye

(°1960 – Belgian) holds an MSc degree from the University of Ghent (Belgium). He has worked 12 years at Bekaert in several functions, of which more than 7 years in Chile as Manager Operations of Bekaert’s joint venture. He joined the Copper unit of Umicore at the end of 1996. Since 2004, he has been business unit manager of Umicore’s Copper division and Managing Director of Umicore Copper. With the de-merger from Umicore and its introduction on Euronext Brussels, Luc Delagaye has been Chief Executive Officer and Director of Cumerio from April 28, 2005 till April 24, 2008. May 2008, he joined Agfa as Member of the Executive Committee responsible for Agfa Materials. Since then, he took various additional responsibilities and headed the Digital Print & Chemicals and Radiology Solutions division. Since July 2020, he is leading the Offset Solutions division.

Dirk De Man

(°1966 – Belgian) holds a Masters degree in Financial & Commercial Sciences from the Economische Hogeschool Sint Aloysius in Brussels (Belgium) and obtained an MBA degree from the Manchester Business School (UK). In 1993, he joined Procter & Gamble, where he held various financial positions in the business units Fabric & Home Care, Health & Beauty Care and Food & Beverages, as well as in corporate divisions. In that 11 year period, he worked in Germany, the US and Belgium. In 2007, he joined Barco (a Belgian visualization & collaboration technology company) as Chief Financial Officer. In 2011, he became Chief Financial Officer at Aliaxis (a global leader in advanced plastic fluid handling systems). He joined the Agfa-Gevaert Group in February 2018 and became Chief Financial Officer and member of the Executive Committee of the Group in May that same year.

Luc Thijs

Luc Thijs (°1964 – Belgian) obtained a Masters degree in commercial and consular sciences (1987), as well as a Masters degree in commercial and financial sciences (1988) at the School of Economics (EHL) in Diepenbeek, Belgium. In 2004 he complemented his education with the Advanced Management Program at Insead in Paris. After a brief period at Bekaert Textiles, he started his career at Agfa Gevaert’s Medical Division in 1990. He took up consecutive general management roles for Agfa HealthCare in Asia Pacific, Latin America and Italy. As from 2006, he was in charge of Agfa HealthCare’s global Imaging Division. Since 2009, he led Agfa HealthCare’s Growth Markets region, comprising Asia Pacific, Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and the CIS countries. In April 2011 he was appointed President of the Agfa HealthCare business group and became a member of the Executive Committee.