What are your activities in the prepress and industrial inkjet printing markets and who can I contact with my questions regarding these activities?2017-03-31T14:22:19+02:00

All information about prepress and industrial inkjet is available on the Agfa Graphics website. The site also has a ‘Contact Us’ section.

What are the activities in the field of medical imaging and IT for the healthcare markets and who can I contact with my questions regarding these activities?2017-03-31T14:27:17+02:00

All information about medical imaging and healthcare IT is available on the Agfa HealthCare website. The site also has a ‘Contact Us’ section.

What are the activities of Materials? What are the activities of Specialty Products? Who can I contact regarding these activities?2017-08-08T13:20:07+02:00

All information about the products and systems for industrial applications outside the print and healthcare markets (e.g. systems for the ID-card industry, products based on conductive polymers, solutions for the printed circuit board industry, aerial photography film and film for the professional motion picture industry) is available on the Agfa Specialty Products website. The site also has a ‘Contact Us’ section.

Where can I find the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for my Agfa product?2017-03-22T13:28:58+01:00

Agfa has Safety Data Sheets available for all products that require them, according to international and local regulations. SDS contain the information that is needed for safely handling chemical products. You can find the documents on msds.agfa.com.

Where can I find Agfa’s key figures, financial calendar, annual reports, corporate governance charter and other useful information for investors?2017-01-31T12:12:42+01:00

Agfa-Gevaert has an extensive Investor Relations website, with a Q&A section and ‘Contact Us’ page.

Where can I find info on Agfa-Gevaert’s structure, its Executive Committee and on other corporate topics?2017-01-31T12:12:46+01:00

In the ‘Our Company’ section under ‘About Us’ of our website you will find a lot of answers on questions regarding our structure and the way we organize our business.

When was Agfa-Gevaert founded? What does ‘AGFA’ stand for? How did the company evolve to become the imaging and IT specialist it is today?2017-01-31T12:12:51+01:00

These and many other questions about our history find an answer in the extensive ‘History’ section under ‘About Us’ of our website.

I’m working on a school paper. Could you help me to collect my data or could you fill in my survey?2017-01-31T12:12:55+01:00

A lot of questions find an answer on our website or in our annual report, which is available on our ‘Investor Relations’ pages. We suggest all students to start with going through our web pages before using the ‘Contact Us’ tool. It is Agfa-Gevaert’s policy to focus on students whose paper is closely linked to the activities of one of our business groups. If your paper meets that requirement and if the answer you are looking for is not on our web pages, please use the ‘Contact Us’ forms on one of our business groups’ websites.

Can I apply for an internship at Agfa?2017-03-31T14:29:24+02:00

Students who are interested in R&D and engineering and would like to apply for an internship at Agfa, should take a look at the ‘Internships’ pages of our website (Career – Internships). There you will find the application forms as well as a number of criteria applicants should meet.

Would Agfa be interested in sponsoring my organization/event?2017-01-31T12:13:06+01:00

Agfa is already supporting a number of projects and organizations. Agfa will only support a limited amount of additional projects, closely linked to the activities of our business groups. If you think your project would qualify for Agfa sponsorship, you can send your proposal using the ‘Contact Us’ pages on the websites of our business groups.

What is the relationship between the Agfa-Gevaert Group and AgfaPhoto?2017-01-31T12:13:13+01:00

Agfa-Gevaert sold its worldwide “Consumer Imaging” business group in 2004 to the AgfaPhoto group of companies (not affiliated with Agfa-Gevaert). In connection with that sale, a Trademark License Agreement, dated November 2, 2004, was entered into between Agfa-Gevaert NV and Agfa-Gevaert NV & Co. KG, as Licensors, and AgfaPhoto Holding GmbH, as Licensee, giving AgfaPhoto Holding GmbH, a German company having its registered office in Cologne, Germany, the right to use and to sublicense the trademark “AgfaPhoto” for products having a photographic application, in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Trademark License Agreement. Agfa-Gevaert declines any liability whatsoever with respect to or in connection with any “AgfaPhoto”-product. Agfa-Gevaert does not manufacture, market, distribute or sell any “AgfaPhoto”-products. Agfa-Gevaert does not provide any service, any support or any product warranty with respect to any “AgfaPhoto”-product. Any request for support or information regarding “AgfaPhoto”-products should be addressed to AgfaPhoto Holding GmbH, www.agfaphoto.com

Who should I contact for service or spare parts for my AgfaPhoto minilab and how can I order photo paper and other photofinishing products?2017-01-31T12:13:18+01:00

Agfa-Gevaert has sold its Consumer Imaging division to the independent German company AgfaPhoto in November 2004. We are therefore unable to help you with your question. We advise you to address your question to AgfaPhoto via their website (www.agfaphoto.com).

Where can I find support for my scanner or digital camera?2017-01-31T12:13:22+01:00

Agfa discontinued its consumer scanner product line (SnapScan, DuoScan, Arcus), as well as its digital camera product line (ePhoto, StudioCam) in September 2001. Therefore, we are no longer able to provide any support. Agfa does not keep digital cameras or scanners, nor spare parts for these products, in its stock. A number of companies (such as VueScan) offer drivers that should allow older scanners to work with recent operating systems.

Where can I find information on antique Agfa cameras and other photo equipment?2017-01-31T12:13:28+01:00

Agfa-Gevaert has sold its Consumer Imaging division in 2004 and we no longer have data on antique cameras and other photo equipment in our archives. We recently donated our collection of historic cameras to the Fotomuseum in Antwerp (Belgium) (www.fotomuseum.be). A lot of information about Agfa’s old cameras is also available on the internet (e.g. http://www.agfatheo.nl). Details on all Agfa cameras can be found in the book “Agfa, geschichte eines deutschen Weltunternehmens von 1867 bis 1997”, written by G. Kadlubek and R. Hillebrand.