Chemical sourcing with AgfaLabs

A dedicated team (part of the Agfa chemical research department) is constantly looking for new raw materials and chemicals to be used in new and existing applications. Thanks to a deep knowledge of the international chemical market, our chemical sourcing experts can make supplier selections based on your specific requirements about cost, quality, reliability, regulatory status, geographic production or supply, order quantities, et cetera.

We also help you identify worldwide suppliers of rare chemicals or select the most appropriate manufacturer who can produce specialty chemicals for you.

Search for suppliers or raw materials

Your input allows us to identify the chemical supplier or manufacturer you need. Provide us with a CAS number, a molecular structure or a chemical name or nomenclature. Next, the Agfa chemical database will link such queries to a supplier.

A team of chemists also translates your application requirements into raw materials. Just send us a description of the chemical functionality or application functionality you are looking for. In return, you are offered a wealth of information right away:

  • identification of suppliers and contact persons
  • price offer, lead time, delivery and payment conditions
  • product specifications
  • standard packaging and minimum order quantity
  • safety datasheet
  • regulatory status

Speed up your chemical sourcing : get AgfaLabs involved.

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