via high throughput analysis (case 07)


How to design and test many calibration solutions?

A robust QC method for the control of the composition of photopolymer coating solutions batches was needed. The use of Near Infrared Spectroscopy in combination with a multivariate factor analysis was envisaged, but a large set of calibration solutions was needed. AgfaLabs was asked for support.


high throughput analysis

The set of test solutions was designed to cover the expected variations of coating formulations at production using statistical strategies (DoE tools). High throughput formulation was used to blend this library of ca. 200 independent calibration solutions on 40 ml scale without flaws.

NIR spectra of coating solutions in production are measured and compared against the calibration set. Via PLS analysis (multivariate factor analysis) the composition of a new batch is obtained and comparison against the target recipe tolerances qualifies this batch as fit for use or not.


Control of coating solution composition

Near Infrared Spectroscopy with multivariate factor analysis provides a fast and comprehensive control of the coating solution composition before coating takes place. This helps reducing risks of off-specification production and saves money.

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