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SYNAPS PS, PS for Pressure Sensitive, is the self-adhesive version of SYNAPS OM135 and adds to the features and benefits of SYNAPS OM.

The high tear resistance of SYNAPS’ polyester core presents end-users with the significant advantage of allowing the eventual removal of the sheet in one piece instead of tearing up in endless little chippings as is the case with other pressure sensitive synthetic media. SYNAPS PS comes in two grades of adhesion strength: AP and AR, Adhesive Permanent and Adhesive Repositionable. Applications include indoor and outdoor POS signage, stickers and labels in a variety of demanding environments.


SYNAPS PS - Portfolio in weight and size (*) Description Check
gsm Thickness (µm)
AP and AR 135+22+151 120+150
SYNAPS/adhesive/liner SYNAPS/liner

(*) Typical values

For sheet and roll formats available: please contact your distributor or contact us at marketingsynaps@agfa.com

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