No grain direction

Excellent dimensional stability

High turnaround time

Exceptional quick drying

No primer needed (HP Indigo)

Standard offset inks

Certified for HP Indigo and Offset


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SYNAPS OM, OM as in Offset Matt, is a white opaque, high grade polyester synthetic paper that is resistant to water and tearing without lamination.

SYNAPS OM has a double sided coating for printing in a variety of techniques and allows for using standard offset inks whereas other synthetics require more expensive oxidative inks and cause idle time when switching between inks. Its proprietary coating formulation ensures extremely fast ink drying which makes SYNAPS OM a best-in-class media in terms of quality and productivity even in most demanding environments.

Unique features :

  • Durable without lamination

  • Resistant to water, UV light and tearing

  • Multi-printable in offset/flexo/UV inkjet/gravure/Electro-Ink (HP Indigo)

  • Writable with ballpoint, marker and pencil

  • Drop-in allowing to print SYNAPS XM between paper jobs

  • Productive thanks to extremely quick ink drying and turnaround time

  • Optimal yield thanks to total absence of grain direction

  • Certified for HP Indigo sheetfed (no primer needed)

  • Unique silky soft feel like premium luxury paper



 * Compatible under certain conditions/with limitations. See recommendations for printing and finishing

(1) offset preprinting possible; two colours OK up to 100% image coverage


(*) Typical values

For sheet and roll formats available: please contact your distributor or contact us at

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