The scientific White Paper about the impact of backsheet reflectivity on the power yield of solar modules. Request your copy right here.

种种原因解释了为什么 UNIQOAT 称得上是代表未来的太阳能背板

All the reasons why UNIQOAT is the next-gen backsheet

Zero risk of delamination

Whereas the PV industry strives for solar modules that have the different layers encapsulated together as one inseparable block, it has had to accept relatively low adhesion values between the layers of laminated backsheet. Agfa’s UNIQOAT fundamentally eliminates adhesion issues and the risk of delamination by offering the backsheet that includes all relevant functionality in one single layer: the mono-backsheet. This is achieved by using Agfa’s proprietary coating technology to modify the PET surface during the PET extrusion process itself.

All UNIQOAT backsheet types are the result of this unique one-step manufacturing process. Compared to backsheet production via consecutive steps UNIQOAT holds great cost reduction potential and opportunities for future developments.

(*) Based on solar weighted reflection in the range 380 nm – 1100 nm per ISO 9050:2003 (method used e.g. by TÜV Süd China)

UNIQOAT : the single-layer backsheet

  • No backsheet delamination

  • One-step manufacturing

  • Exceptional reflectivity

UNIQOAT : Meeting the latest standards

IEC 61730-1 on DTI for 1000 VDC and 1500 VDC modules

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