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Agfa’s ZIRFON PERL is a high quality separator membrane for alkaline water electrolysis.

It provides efficient electrolysis cell operation and it is very durable, allowing for years of operation under normal working conditions.

ZIRFON PERL can be considered as a replacement material for crystalline asbestos and PPS cloth, with far superior characteristics over both. It consists of an open mesh polyphenylene sulphide fabric, which is symmetrically coated with a mixture of a polymer and zirconium oxide.

Main features :

  • Permanently hydrophilic (incorporated metal oxide particles) and perfectly wettable in water and most common electrolytes. No hydrophylization by surfactants is needed

  • Contains a lot of OH-groups at alkaline pH due to the amphoteric character of ZrO2

  • Dimensionally stable (no shrinkage) and very robust as it is reinforced with a fabric

  • Stable in strong alkaline solutions (up to 6M KOH) and up to 110 °C

  • Low ionic resistance to allow high current densities (≤0.3 Ω.cm² at 30 °C, in 30 wt% KOH solution)

  • Gas pressure resistance as high as 200 bar when filled up with electrolyte

  • Symmetrical pore structure with porosity of 50 ± 10 % and pore size of 0.15 ± 0.05 µm

  • Controlled thickness of 500 ± 50 µm

Note: This information is the best currently available on the subject. The data should, however, only be regarded as a general guide to material properties and not as a guarantee.

Physical Characteristics
Weight density (g/cm3) 1 ± 0,2
Thickness (µm) 500 ± 50
Maximum temperature (°C, continuous operation) 110
Thermal stability at 100 °C (% shrinkage) < 1,5
Shelf life (unopened packaged) 12 months
Functional Specifications
Porosity (%) 50 ± 10
Bubble point (bar) 2 ± 1
Pore size (µm) 0,15 ± 0,05
Gas permeability (l/min.cm² at 5 bar) 4 ± 1
Ionic resistance (Ω.cm² at 30 °C in 30 wt% KOH) < 0,3
Maximum current density (kA/m²) 20
Maximum electrolyte strength (wt% KOH or NaOH) 30
Lifetime expectancy (normal operation conditions) > 5 years

Dimensions, handling and samples :

  • ZIRFON PERL can be delivered in sheet sizes up to 1.75 x 1.75 m.

  • It can be precisely cut upon request: based on customers’ drawings, clearance holes included.

  • An A4 sample can be sent free of charge.

  • Handling and storing: see our handling and storage guidelines available online.


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