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Next to photolithography, also inkjet can be used for the production of PCBs.

A pattern is generated by jetting uniform droplets of a controlled size on a well-positioned place on a substrate. Typical applications are legend ink, etch resist and solder mask.

Legend Ink Jet Inks :

  • Inkjet inks for industrial piezo printheads

  • Colours: white, yellow, black and flexible white

  • Long shelf life

  • Excellent adhesion to solder masks

  • Certified by all PCB inkjet printer suppliers

  • Excellent image quality

  • Non toxic, low odour

  • Compliant to RoHS, IPC, MIL, ASTM and UL94

  • High UV cure speed under Mercury bulb and LED

  • Worldwide presence and support

ProductDiPaMat Legend Ink
Wh04Rigid PCBHigh opaque white
Ye01Rigid PCBOpaque yellow
Bl01Rigid PCBHigh density neutral black
FWh01Flexible circuitsHigh opaque white

Etch Resist Ink jet inks

  • Reliable jetting in industrial piezo printheads

  • Long shelf life

  • High contrast blue

  • L/S down to 75 microns

  • High UV cure speed under Mercury bulb and LED

  • Excellent adhesion on copper, stainless steel, brass and other metals

  • Can be etched in FeCl3 or CuCl2 up to 45 minutes

  • Fast stripping in alkaline solutions, no solvents needed

  • No changes to current industrial processes

  • Replaces phototooling film and processing

  • Non toxic, low odour, ROHS compliant, no halogens, no CMR’s, no VOC

  • Worldwide presence and support

ProductDiPaMat Etch Resist
ER01PCB innerlayers and
metal structuring
High contrast blue

Solder mask/Resist ink jet inks [coming soon]

  • Short cycle time – UV Inkjet + Thermal Cure only

  • Digital process for registration and serialisation

  • Excellent track coverage & cosmetics

  • Exceeds industry requirements for insulation resistance and dielectric strength properties

  • High chemical resistance to ENIG

  • Fully compatible with Lead-Free high temperature processes

  • UL 94 V-0 rated

  • Halogen-free, ROHS compliant and fully REACH compliant with no SVHC content

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