Durable, reliable and productive synthetic paper media.

For print applications that require indoor or outdoor durability SYNAPS offers a more effective and cost efficient alternative to paper printing with lamination. Building on Agfa’s long-standing expertise in the Graphic Arts industry, SYNAPS delivers great print quality and productivity thanks to its ease of processing right from the first time use.

SYNAPS in a nutshell

  • Polyester with luxury paper look and feel
  • Outstanding productivity and print quality
  • Resistant to tearing, water and chemicals
  • Durable without the need for costly lamination
  • Compatible with most print technologies


Take advantage of the valuable experience of SYNAPS users worldwide

FAQ SYNAPS OM pdf (151 KB)
FAQ SYNAPS XM pdf (147 KB)
FAQ SYNAPS PS pdf (145 KB)

FAQ SYNAPS OM (ITA) pdf (126 KB)
FAQ SYNAPS XM (ITA) pdf (114 KB)
FAQ SYNAPS PS (ITA) pdf (120 KB)