Agfa introduces Synaps XM

  • Press release
  • Mortsel (Belgium)
  • January 19, 2012 09:00

Agfa introduces Synaps XM, an innovative high-quality synthetic paper for electrophotographic printing systems
Agfa increases range of Synaps synthetic papers

Agfa introduces Synaps XM, the latest addition to its innovative portfolio of Synaps synthetic papers. With Synaps XM, the application field of the synthetic paper portfolio is broadened to electrophotographic printing and copying systems.

Synaps XM is a polyester based material for use in dry toner printing systems. It has been optimized for runability and image quality on all major platforms from the most important market players.

Synaps XM has a white matt topcoat that provides excellent toner adhesion and ensures smooth transport in most printing systems.

Ivo Thys, Worldwide Marketing & Sales Manager for Synaps said: "The addition of this 'digital' grade confirms Agfa's commitment to play an important role in the dynamic and growing market of digital printing. It is our next and important step in broadening our Synaps portfolio to cover a variety of printing technologies and applications."

The Agfa Synaps portfolio now consists of Synaps OM for offset printing and UV-inkjet, Synaps AP & AR pressure sensitive self-adhesive, and Synaps XM.

Synaps XM is available from major paper distributors throughout Europe, in North America and in selected countries.

See for details on the Agfa Synaps product family and distribution network