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21 Aug, 2003

John Buttrick appointed member of the Audit Committee

The Board of Directors of Agfa-Gevaert has appointed John Buttrick as a member of its Audit Committee. Consequently, the Audit Committee now comprises three non-executive directors, Mr. Ferdinand Chaffart, chairman of the committee, and Mr. André Oosterlinck and Mr. John …

17 Apr, 2003

Annual General Meeting of Shareholders

New directors appointed Gross dividend: 50 Eurocent per share The Annual Meeting of Shareholders has agreed to pay a gross dividend per share of 50 Eurocent. The share will be quoted ex-coupon as of April 30, 2003. Agfa-Gevaert announced that …

26 Mar, 2003

Agfa-Gevaert proposes four new Directors

Agfa-Gevaert announces that with effect from the Shareholder’s Meeting of April, 29th 2003, Klaus-Peter Müller will resign from the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors thanks him for his dedication in his task as a director. The Board of …

6 Mar, 2003

Agfa-Gevaert Group in 2002

For Agfa-Gevaert 2002 was characterised, on the one hand, by the persisting weakness of the world-wide economy and the strength of the Euro, which both affected revenues, and, on the other hand, by the substantial improvement of the company’s financial …

4 Feb, 2003

Agfa-Gevaert announces non-final key figures for 2002

On the basis of non-audited and not yet fully consolidated figures, it appeared that the Agfa-Gevaert Group’s turnover in 2002 amounts to 4,680 million Euros, a decrease of 4.8% compared to 2001, which is in line with former outlooks. This …

20 Jan, 2003

Agfa-Gevaert to disinvest its Non-Destructive Testing business group

Agfa-Gevaert announces that it will disinvest its business group Non-Destructive Testing to GE Aircraft Engines, a division of General Electric Company (USA). The transaction will be completed upon receipt of regulatory approvals. Agfa is a global provider of analogue and …