Agfa HealthCare and Assistance Publique – Hôpitaux de Paris extend collaboration on ORBIS Health Information System project

Press Release / Mortsel, Belgium / 2nd May 2016

Four-year contract extension is intended to complete the progressive deployment of the clinical information system

ORBIS deployment to be completed across all 39 Assistance Publique – Hôpitaux de Paris (AP-HP) hospitals, in one of the most ambitious healthcare IT deployments in Europe.

• With ORBIS, all AP-HP hospitals will share an integrated electronic patient record.

• ORBIS modules will cover the needs of the sites for clinical information management, medication management, scheduling, nursing care, medical imaging, surgery, emergency care and more.

Agfa HealthCare announces today that, following its original seven-year Health Information System deployment contract with Assistance Publique – Hôpitaux de Paris (AP-HP) which achieved the deployment of ORBIS* at more than half of the AP-HP hospitals, the parties have extended their relationship for another four years with the signing of a new service agreement on 21 March, 2016. The project, which involves completing the deployment of 20+ ORBIS administrative, clinical and management modules at all 39 hospitals belonging to the AP-HP group and which will be completed in 2020, is regarded as one of the most ambitious deployments of a healthcare IT solution in Europe.

Europe’s leading hospital-wide IT solution: ORBIS

AP-HP admits more than one million hospitalized patients per year along with five million outpatients and one million emergency visits, and has a capacity of close to 21,000 beds in the Paris – Ile de France region and an additional three facilities outside that region. To support its goals to improve patient management and the delivery of care, in 2008 the group decided to implement ORBIS, Agfa HealthCare’s leading hospital information system (HIS) / clinical information system (CIS), to create a single patient record across its sites.

ORBIS manages and monitors all patient-oriented processes: medical, nursing, administrative and business. It enhances the delivery of patient care and provides fast and complete availability of patients’ histories, including all images and data, to authorized nursing, technical and medical staff, allowing for quicker and more efficient diagnoses and treatments.

The modular design of ORBIS makes it possible to implement it without disrupting the institution’s normal activity, and at its own pace. Today, users across Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France and Belgium rely on ORBIS every day.

Anywhere, anytime access to the patient record

The AP-HP ORBIS project was launched in 2010, with its implementation in the initial pilot site of Ambroise Paré, followed by the Bicêtre hospital. In those two hospitals, over 90% of the clinical departments are now using ORBIS, and multiple modules have been implemented. In the third pilot site, Tenon, over 70% of departments are now using ORBIS. In the meantime, more AP-HP hospitals have begun deployment: by 2017, all 39 AP-HP hospitals should have the ORBIS Patient ID module installed, with the additional modules being implemented progressively and the project to be completed by end 2020.

“We are very pleased to extend our collaboration with AP-HP to finish off the deployment of the ORBIS project,” says Emmanuel Mougeotte, Vice President Global Services of Agfa HealthCare. “With ORBIS, all 39 hospitals will be working with a common framework, for greater efficiency and enhanced collaboration – with a single patient ID and sharing a single electronic patient record across all the sites.”

“In the hospitals using ORBIS, our users are already indicating their satisfaction with the ‘anywhere, anytime’ access to the patient file, the enhanced patient management and the increased collaboration between colleagues,” says Amélie Verdier, CEO of AP-HP. “With this contract extension, we will be able to make those advantages available to our staff and healthcare professionals in all the hospitals covered by the project, supporting us to provide excellent patient care across our sites.”

*ORBIS is not available in the US and Canada

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