International VIE Job Offers @ Agfa

International VIE Job Offers @ Agfa 2018-01-04T15:30:15+00:00

Under the umbrella of VIE Agfa welcomes young graduates from France in an international research environment. Young graduates can apply for a job in the field of advanced materials science & technology, process and application development, and software development in the areas of imaging, digital industrial printing, sustainable ecological systems, or healthcare database systems.

• Discover the thrill of R&D in your specific area of interest with the focus on advanced materials, formulation, engineering, application and software research.
• Have a chance to learn from our brightest researchers and technologists.
• Team up with other talented Agfa coworkers and R&D, application teams and customers from Europe and the world.
• Have the opportunity to test your skills for real top innovation work in an experienced R&D team.
• Gain hands-on experience on industrial research and process development.

Job offers are currently open for the following research and development areas:

• Adjunct Project Manager Inkjet Inks for PCB Applications:
>> VIE Job Description PCB doc (30 KB)

• Adjunct Project Manager Inkjet Inks for Industrial Applications: Candidate selected!
>> VIE Job Description Industrial doc (31 KB)

• Project Manager Plate Systems Development:Candidate selected!
>> VIE Job Description PM PSD doc (41 KB)

• Adjunct Project Manager Plate Systems Development:Candidate selected!
>> VIE Job Description APM PSD doc (45 KB)

• Lab Technician New Technology and Innovation:Candidate selected!
>> VIE Job Description LAB NTI doc (17 KB)

… we would very much like to hear from you!

How to apply?
Submit your English CV and motivation letter addressed to Mrs Van Opstal.

The Agfa VIE team is responsible for the selection, recruitment and general assistance of candidates. The members of this team are Guido Desie, Daisy Van Opstal and Ann Van Den Broeck.

For more information about the internship program please contact Daisy Van Opstal, tel. +32 3 444 3215,

Daisy Van Opstal
Daisy Van OpstalDiscovery recruiter
Ann Van Den Broeck
Ann Van Den BroeckDiscovery local logistics
Agreements, housing, payments,…
Guido Desie
Guido DesieManager External R&D