Roberto Gaggiano

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University of Trieste (Italy) – Materials Engineering

Roberto, a former trainee, is still very much involved in Agfa Graphics’ research through a 4-year Phd that he’s carrying out at the VUB university in Brussels.

Why did you choose Agfa Discovery among the internship programs?

Before the end of my studies at University, I wanted to do an internship abroad. I knew about the possibility to join the ‘Agfa Discovery’ project from my professor and from a friend of mine who was doing an internship at Agfa at that moment. I immediately thought that such a traineeship could be a challenging opportunity to test myself in an international research environment.

What added value did your internship bring to your university studies?

My internship allowed me to carry on the research for my master thesis. This period allowed me to experience R&D in a company, learning how to carry out a research project and the meaning of responsibility. Moreover, I could experience a multicultural research environment, which really made my internship a ‘mind-expanding’ experience.

Has the internship at Agfa had any influence on your career?

The internship I did at Agfa certainly influenced my career after University. Indeed, immediately after completing my studies, I was given the opportunity to work on an 8-months industrial traineeship at Agfa Healthcare. At the moment I am still involved in Agfa Graphics’ research through a 4-year PhD I am currently carrying out at the VUB university in Brussels.

Could you develop your theoretical knowledge and practical skills during your time at Agfa?

Yes, during my time at Agfa I had the possibility to thoroughly develop my knowledge both theoretically and practically. Indeed, besides a high improvement of my lab skills, I got a deeper knowledge in physical chemistry and polymers, which I put to good use for the analysis and the interpretation of my experimental results.

How would you summarize your internship time at Agfa?

The one-year internship I spent at Agfa-Gevaert was really great! It was a very stimulating experience, both academically and personally, since I had the opportunity to experience a multicultural research environment outside the university where I could test myself.

Would you recommend this placement program to other students?

Yes. I think it is a very stimulating experience.

Roberto Gaggiano, University of Trieste (Italy) – Materials Engineering