Judit Repas

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Judit was an intern at Agfa from 12/07/2005 until 24/05/2006. She studied at the University of Miskolc, Hungary and is now a professor’s assistant (marketing and HR management) at the College of Finance and Accountancy of the Budapest Business School.

Why did you choose Agfa Discovery among the internship programs?

During my studies I had the opportunity to join the Agfa trainees’ team thanks to the connection between the company and my university. I had always had the ambition to start my career abroad at a multinational company.

What value did your internship add to your studies in the university?

Practice and guidance. I am so grateful to the people at Agfa who had the patience, time and kindness to train, guide, teach and form me to be a well-prepared graduate to the labour market. There are no universities that can teach these values.

Has the internship at Agfa had any influence on your career? If so, can you explain it? Where are you working now?

Definitely. After having finished my internship at Agfa I immediately found a job in an international company. I was accepted because of my internship at Agfa.

At present I’m working as a professor’s assistant at a business college and I am responsible for teaching marketing and HR management. I am more than grateful for the Agfa experience since teaching these subjects can only be genuine with real, hands-on practical knowledge.

Could you develop your theoretical and practical knowledge during your time with Agfa?

Yes, definitely. My project gave me a deeper insight into both strategic thinking and analytical problem solving. I can say with full confidence that my internship was a good on-the-job training offering a combination of theoretical and practical knowledge.

How would you summarize your internship time with Agfa in 2-3 sentences?

During my studies this was a great opportunity. Not only its professional contribution but also its multicultural, dynamic, vigorous and friendly atmosphere was stimulating and impressive.

Would you recommend this placement program to other students?

I strongly recommend the programme to other students.

Judit Repas, University of Miskolc, Hungary