Annabelle Meunier

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National Graduate School of Chemistry, Montpellier

Annabelle was an intern at Agfa from 01/06/2004 – 31/08/2004. She currently works at RHODIA, France.

Why did you choose Agfa Discovery among the internship programs ?

I chose Agfa for my internship for its good reputation in terms of products and R&D. Moreover I discovered Agfa Gevaert thanks to my father, who was a radiologist, always satisfied in his partnership with this company for X-Ray film.

What values did your internship bring to your studies in the university?

First I learnt about synthesis and analysis methods and then I learnt to lead an R&D project and present technical results to the lab team. I particularly enjoyed developing my sense of responsability, which is so important to get good results in a firm. I also learnt to work in an international environment.

Has the internship at Agfa made any influence to your carrier? If yes, can you explain it? Where are you working now?

My internship had a great influence on my carreer. Actually, as I really enjoyed the business world, I decided to carry on a sandwich-year internship, instead of going back to school just after this internship. Another influence of my internship at Agfa in my curricular was my acceptance to follow a research master and then a thesis in science field. I am now working for a chemical company at the purchasing department, and my internship was a signicative international experience.

Could you develop your theoretical and practical knowledge during your time at Agfa?

Sure. I strongly developed both theoretical and practical knowledge during my internship at Agfa. On one hand, I experimented many synthesis and analytical techniques. On the other hand I deeply used theoretical knowledge to explain my technical results and develop ways of process optimization.

How would you summarize your internship time at Agfa in 2-3 sentences?

In one word: WONDERFUL! My time at Agfa was my best internship. Moreover, strong scientific competence merged with great sense of welcome is the key for the Agfa’s international team success. All those factors surely contribute to Agfa’s success.

Would you recommend this placement program for the other students?

I do recommend this placement program to students because it is a great opportunity to develop technical and practical knowledge and it is also a strong experience in working with international teams in a warm atmosphere of a famous company, Agfa.

Annabelle Meunier, National Graduate School of Chemistry, Montpellier