Mission and Vision

From product manufacturer to all-round solutions provider

Agfa is active in Imaging and supplies hardware, software and digital imaging products and services for many different markets.

Agfa develops, manufactures and distributes analogue and digital products and systems for the making, processing and reproduction of images. Images that matter, sometimes even save lives. Images for healthcare, the printing industry and many other areas such as micrography and motion pictures. Although we generate our entire turnover in business-to-business markets, we contribute to your everyday life. Whenever you read a newspaper or visit a hospital, Agfa has probably been closely involved.

Agfa has achieved the position of a worldwide leader. Keeping the confidence and trust of our customers requires more than 'making products'. Today, we provide specific solutions, based on our research, technical know-how and the customer's needs. But we also prepare the solutions of tomorrow. This requires a vision, the vision to do more.

Our Vision

In the future, Imaging will increasingly hold the key to communication. In facilitating the exchange of information, knowledge and emotion, images can overcome physical and linguistic barriers, minimize misinterpretation and provide an enduring record of complex situations and ideas. The power of imagery lies in its ability to provide a universal language and deeper understanding. The thinking behind Imaging will always be Agfa.

Our Mission

Agfa strives to be the partner of choice in Imaging, by offering leading edge technology, new innovative ways of working and an understanding of the businesses and individual needs of our customers that goes far beyond that of our nearest competitor. This with the fundamental goal to deliver profitable growth.