Agfa Aid

Agfa Aid is an organization of Agfa volunteers. The mission of Agfa Aid is to support small-scale projects focused on children in the first place. Agfa colleagues are directly involved in these projects. Agfa Aid raises funds through benefit concerts and the collection of donations.

Agfa Aid has projects all over the world.

  • Centro Andino (South America): material and financial support for hospitals and schools.
  • SOS Brazil (Brazil): a horticultural school, community house and workshop project
  • Hogar Para Todos (Ecuador): scholarships and support to schools and orphanages
  • Gammol (Gambia): a fish market, dispensary and school
  • Bayti (Morocco): literacy project and day center for street kids.
  • Moeders voor Moeders (Belgium): food and material support to underprivileged families in Antwerp.
  • De Markgrave (Belgium): activity center for the blind and partially sighted.
  • Fepts (India): support for an orphanage and a school.
  • Talmid (Rumania): educational suport for Roma gypsies.
  • Azia (Nigeria): support for the construction of a school.
  • Kiemma (Belgium): organizational support for activities for the children of homeless and needy families.
  • Haiti: financial support on the occasion of the earthquake at the end of 2009.